Mylar Film, 6u, Pre-Cut (pk/1000)

Item: 040-070-105
Unit of measure: ea
Description: Mylar Film, Pre-Cut Circles (1000).

Gauge: 0.00024", 6.0 μm; 0.24 mil.

Diameter: 2.5"/63.5mm.

Thin Films are used for retaining liquid samples or other substances in XRF Sample Cups. Materials used consist of Etnom™, Mylar®, Polyester, Prolene®, Polypropylene and Polyimide (Kapton®) as Continuous Rolls, Pre-Cut Circles and Easy Snap Frames.

When selecting a film, resistance to chemical attack, energy transmission, consistent uniformity, purity and ease of use must be considered for optimal results with a specific sample type.

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