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Item: 140-000-015
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The SCP SCIENCE “Instruments and Supplies” catalogue is redesigned and is an excellent tool for ordering your laboratory supplies. This 2nd Edition incorporates ten (10) sections and over fi fty (50) subsections. In addition, we offer new products and services to better serve our customers.


New Products within the last 4 years include the following:

• Heavy-duty Jaw Crusher for 5” x 7” samples, SP-5000

• High-volume DigiPREP LS metal digestion system (72-position)

• Programmable PC Classic Controller with optional PC Data Station software

• Variety of DigiSEP Solid Phase Extraction cartridges

• Cost effective AccuSPEC COD tubes in multiple concentrations

• Wide range of PlasmaPURE high purity acids

• Complete line of prefused blended AccuSPEC fusion fl uxes for ICP-MS, AA and XRF spectroscopy


Services recently introduced:

• Integrated ERP software to reduce delivery delays and improve service

• Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Certifi cates of Analysis available

on-line at

• Our Paris, France facility maintains a stock of regular SCP SCIENCE products for improved service to European customers

• User friendly cross reference indexes for

- Product groups and subjects

- Catalog number versus page number listings

- OEM cross referencing


For additional information, please contact your SCP SCIENCE sales representative or local distributor.

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