Item: 140-000-036
Unit of measure: ea

Oil standards are used extensively in the calibration and operation of instruments that analyze elements in oil and other organic fluids. Our product lines offer a wide variety of reference standards, solvents, and reagents for ICP, DCP, rotating disk electrode, XRF, AA, and other analytical spectrometric techniques.


Our products are optimized for:


Compatibility – We offer combinations of 33 different elements over an extensive concentration range.


Solubility – Our standards are soluble in a variety of substances: ketones, mineral oil, xylene, kerosene, etc. We also produce blank oils and a kerosenealternative for use as solvents.


Volatility – Our standards are made in ultra-pure, highly processed hydrocarbon oil only: no solubilizers are used, making our standards extremely stable to volatile loss.


Viscosity – The viscosity range of our standards at room temperature is idealfor instrumental applications.


Instrumental response – Our standards provide excellent analytical responseover a wide range of applications.


Shelf life – All Conostan element standards and spectroscopy products have a one-year minimum shelf life from the date of shipment.

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