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Please fill out the form for a quote on a custom blended Conostan standard
Available sizes:
100 g (4 oz), 200 g (8oz) and 400 g (16 oz)

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Element Concentration
(ppm or µg/g)
  Element Concentration
(ppm or µg/g)
  Element Concentration
(ppm or µg/g)
Al - Aluminum   Ga - Gallium   Sc - Scandium
Ag - Silver   Hg - Mercury   Se - Selenium
As - Arsenic   In - Indium   Si - Silicon
B - Boron   K - Potassium   Sn - Tin
Ba - Barium   La - Lanthanum   Sr - Strontium
Be - Beryllium   Li - Lithium   Ti - Titanium
Bi - Bismuth   Mg - Magnesium   Tl - Thallium
Ca - Calcium   Mn - Manganese   V - Vanadium
Cd- Cadmium   Mo - Molybdenum   W - Tungsten
Ce - Cerium   Na - Sodium   Y - Yttrium
Co - Cobalt   Ni - Nickel   Zn - Zinc
Cr - Chromium   P - Phosphorus   Zr - Zirconium
Cu - Copper   Pb - Lead      
Fe- Iron   Sb - Antimony      

Matrix Required:    
Rate of Use (L/year)    

Special Notes:    

Shipping and billing information:
Conostan® orders are shipped within 2 working days of receipt of order - FOB
Terms are net 30 days, once an acceptable credit history is established.
Conostan® shelf life - 12 months from shipment date on bottle
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SCP SCIENCE manufactures and distributes analytical equipment, reagents, and certified reference materials for the inorganic analytical laboratories market. The company manufactures microwave digestion systems, sample preparation instruments, specialized glassware for the atomic spectroscopy market, ICP, XRF and atomic absorption supplies, certified reference materials such as calibration, quality-control standards, viscosity and metallo-organic standards.