All Graphite Tubes

SCP SCIENCE provides a full range of supplies for all your graphite furnace needs. Graphite furnace tubes are made from high-purity, high-density graphite which in turn produces an extremely low coefficient of expansion. Cross-references available for OEM products.

Graphite Furnace Tubes

- Made from high purity, high density, pyrolytically coated graphite


030-110-001Tube, Pyrol. Partition (10)ea Details
030-110-002Tube, Pyrolytic Plat (10)ea Details
030-110-003Platform, Plateau Tube (10)ea Details
030-110-004Forked Graphite Platform Tube (pk/10)ea Details
030-110-006Contact, Varian (2)ea Details
030-110-007Shroud, Varianea Details
030-110-008Zeeman Contact (pk/2)ea Details
030-110-009Zeeman Shroudea Details
030-110-012Forked platform tube, pyrol.coat(10)ea Details
030-110-014Plateau tube,uncoated (pk/10)ea Details
030-110-021PartitionTube,Pyro.Coat.Ext.Life(10)ea Details
030-110-025NanoSPEC Platform Tube (pk/10)ea Details
030-111-001Graphite Platform Set (pre-insert) (10)ea Details
030-111-002Platform Tube, Pyrol. (10)ea Details
030-111-003Graphite Platform (10)ea Details
030-111-004Standard Tube, Pyrolytic (10)ea Details
030-111-005Standard Tube, Uncoated (10)ea Details
030-111-006HGA Contact Set w/Sensor hole (3)ea Details
030-111-007Zeeman Contacts (2)ea Details
030-111-008HGA Contact w/o Sensor Hole (set/3)ea Details
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