Automatic Press

The Auto and Power Hydraulic Presses are power assisted hydraulic systems that apply up to 25 tons of pressure. Designed for a wide variety of pressing applications including XRF and IR sample preparation. 


  • Microprocessor controlled pressure application and release
  • Multi-sequence programming
  • Large working distance between pressing surfaces
  • Low noise operation


040-020-011Press, Power Model T25 110V/60Hz USea Details
040-020-012Press, T25 110V/50/60Hz (Japan)ea Details
040-020-013Press, Power Model T25 230V/50Hz UKea Details
040-020-070Press, AutoTouch 8T 110vea Details
040-020-080Press, AutoTouch, 25 Tonea Details
040-020-085Press, AutoTouch, 40 Ton, 110v/60Hzea Details
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