Autosampler Tubes


SCP SCIENCE provides a full range of cups or tubes for your autosampler. Our sample cups and tubes are molded either from premium grade polystyrene for clarity, or polypropylene for impact strength and stability to common acids, alkalies, and solvents.

    •  Competitively priced 

    •  An exact match (equivalent) to OEM products 
    •  100% Satisfaction guaranteed 

Now with new 16x100mm and 17x100mm tubes and exclusive new colored caps designed to fit both sizes. Choose between 8 different colors to help identify your samples. 

New Autosampler Tubes and Caps Flyer (Autosampler tubes.pdf)

010-500-263DigiTUBEs 50ml Non RackLock w/caps (750)ea Details
010-510-050Autosampler Rack, 12 pos, 50ml tubesea Details
010-510-051Autosampler Rack, 24 posea Details
010-515-032Foam Rack,16x100 tube (pk/5)ea Details
010-515-038Foam Rack,17x100 tube (pk/5)ea Details
010-515-263DigiTUBEs 15ml NRLock w/caps (1620)ea Details
010-515-363DigiTUBEs 15ml NRLock w/caps (540)ea Details
010-515-607DigiTUBE 15ml A/S Tubes, 17x100, pk/1000ea Details
010-515-609DigiTUBE 12ml A/S Tubes, 16x100, pk/1000ea Details
010-515-617A/S 15ml Tubes 17x100mm HandyPAK (45x36)ea Details
010-515-620Autosampler Tube Caps, White (pk/1000)ea Details
010-515-627DigiTUBE 15ml A/S Tubes, 17x100, pk/2000ea Details
010-515-629DigiTUBE 12ml A/S Tubes, 16x100, pk/2000ea Details
010-515-630Autosampler Tube Caps, Yellow (pk/1000)ea Details
010-515-637DigiTUBE 15ml A/S Tubes, 17x100, pk/3000ea Details
010-515-639DigiTUBE 12ml A/S Tubes, 16x100, pk/3000ea Details
010-515-640Autosampler Tube Caps, Orange (pk/1000)ea Details
010-515-650Autosampler Tube Caps, Red (pk/1000)ea Details
010-515-660Autosampler Tube Caps, Blue (pk/1000)ea Details
010-515-672Autosampler Tube Caps, Clear (pk/1000)ea Details
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