Optima 3x00 DV Torches

020-050-200Torch Tube, Optima DV (2 slots)ea Details
020-050-203Injector Tip Quartz, 2.0 mm Optima XLea Details
020-050-206Tube, Radial Purge Windowea Details
020-050-207Bonnet, Dual View, (2)ea Details
020-050-208Tube, Axial Purge Windowea Details
020-050-240Tip, Injector, Quartz, XL 1.6ea Details
020-050-242Tip, Quartz, Injector Opt 1.2ea Details
020-050-243Tip, Quartz, Injector Opt 0.8 mmea Details
020-050-246Torch Tube, Optima DV 1 Slotea Details
020-050-247Torch Tube, Wear Metal, DVea Details
020-050-249Torch Tube, Optima DV 3 Slotea Details
020-050-252Tip, Inj Al. for PE Opt XL/DV 2.0mm IDea Details
020-050-254Purge Window, Short Radialea Details
020-050-425Support for Torchea Details
020-050-426Torch support, Fixed Torch 2000/4000DVea Details
020-050-442Adapter 12/5 to PE Axial, ultem, 11.3mmea Details
020-050-454Adapter 12/5 to PE Axial, Ultemea Details
020-050-458Adapter, Optima 2X00/4X00/5X00 DV Ultemea Details
020-051-311O'Ring Kit for PE Optima DVea Details
020-051-408Teflon Adapter, PE3000XL/DV-Rytonea Details
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