BOD Reagents

Biological Oxygen Demand

Standard Method # 5210. Microorganisms such as bacteria are responsible for decomposing organic waste. When organic matter such as dead plants, leaves, grass, clippings, manure, sewage, or even food waste is present in a water supply, the bacteria will begin the process of breaking down this waste. When this happens, much of the available dissolved oxygen is consumed by aerobic bacteria, robbing other aquatic organisms of the oxygen they need to live. Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) is a measure of the oxygen used by microorganisms to decompose this waste. AccuSPEC prepared regents for Biological Oxygen Demand are available in different volumes, to provide the maximum cost effectiveness for the laboratory.

250-110-100Buffer pH 7.2 (phosphate), for BOD500ml Details
250-110-101Buffer pH 7.2 (phosphate), for BODL Details
250-110-102Buffer pH 7.2 (phosphate), for BOD5L Details
250-110-150BOD Kit (500 ML/ea soln)ea Details
250-110-151BOD Kit (1L/each soln)L Details
250-110-152BOD Kit (5L/each soln)ea Details
250-110-200Calcium Chloride, CaCI2, 2.75%500ml Details
250-110-201Calcium Chloride, CaCI2, 2.75%L Details
250-110-202Calcium Chloride, CaCI2, 2.75%5L Details
250-110-300Ferric Chloride, FeCl3, 0.025% w/v500ml Details
250-110-301Ferric Chloride, FeCl3, 0.025% w/vL Details
250-110-302Ferric Chloride, FeCl3, 0.025% w/v5L Details
250-110-400Magnesium Sulfate, MgSO4, 2.25%w/v500ml Details
250-110-401Magnesium Sulfate, MgSO4, 2.25%w/vL Details
250-110-402Magnesium Sulfate, MgSO4, 2.25%w/v5L Details
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