CONOSTAN® Oil Standards

SCP SCIENCE acquired the CONOSTAN® brand in 2007, adding its line of elements-in-oil standards to the SCP SCIENCE group of products.

CONOSTAN® is the most recognized and trusted name in oil standards. Beginning more than 40 years ago, the uniquely superior CONOSTAN® product chemistry and proprietary blending techniques set a higher standard for the quality and stability of oil reference materials. This technology was born out of Petroleum industry partnerships and investment, making it ideally suited to meet the needs of key application areas like wear metals analysis, sulfur analysis, lubricant manufacturing, and petrochemical process monitoring. Now, the CONOSTAN® legacy of high-quality standards for petroleum applications continues. Enabling the mission-critical decisions that happen every day to be supported by the most accurate data possible. Upstream to Downstream. Accurate oil analysis starts with CONOSTAN®.