• Adoption of a touch-screen oversized color LCD (8-inch wide)
  • Complete bilingual (English/Japanese) operations
  • Can perform two kinds of titration simultaneously in parallel
  • Simultaneous recordings of two different detection potentials such as pH-Transmittance, pH-Conductivity, pH-Temperature or the like
  • Can be combined with a Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator -- either Coulometric or Volumetric
  • Can store measured data or measurement conditions on a CF card
  • Can place the control unit and the titration unit in the separate site
  • More enhanced GLP/GMP features
  • Use of Platinum Thermal Resistor (Pt 100) for temperature measurement
Applications: Industrial products, Medical goods, Food, Petroleum products, etc.



Potential: -2000 - 2000mV
pH: 0 - 14
Temperature: 0 - 100°C



Standard method : 50
Combined method :10


Type of Titration

Blank, Auto Titration, Auto Intermit, Intermit, Petroleum Titration, COD control and Stat control--Total 7 modes



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