Dies & Pellets

  Each die is supplied with two stainless steel pellets and a knock-out ring for easy sample extraction. For hard, corrosive, or irregular shaped samples which need pressing, tungsten carbide pellets are recommended and are available for each die size. SCP SCIENCE recommends using AluCAPs as a backing medium. Replacement stainless steel and tungsten carbide pellets are also available separately and sold in sets of two.

Pellet Dies

Complete line of XRF Pellet Dies
    - Available in 31 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm diameter sizes

Manufactured from 316 stainless steel grade
    - Provide quality and reliability for years

Designed to accept AluCAPs pellet reinforcing cups

Die & Presses Flyer (PDF, 193KB)

040-022-090Die Set, 5mmea Details
040-022-100Die Set, 13mmea Details
040-022-101Pellet, S-Steel, 13mm, (Pair)ea Details
040-022-200Die Set, 31 mmea Details
040-022-201Pellet, S-Steel, 31mm, (pk/1)ea Details
040-022-202Pellet,Tung. Carb, 31mm, (Pk/2)ea Details
040-022-300Die Set, 35 mmea Details
040-022-301Pellet, S-Steel, 35mm, (pk/2)ea Details
040-022-400Die Set, 40 mmea Details
040-022-401Pellet, S-Steel, 40mm (pk/2)ea Details
040-022-402Pellet,Tung. Carb, 40mm, (pk/2)ea Details
040-022-405Die Set, 20mmea Details
040-022-450Plunger, for 13mm Evacuable Dieea Details
040-060-300X-Ray Mix (454g)ea Details
040-080-001AluCAP, 30 mm, Tapered (pk/1000)ea Details
040-080-005Alucaps, 38mm, Flared (pk/1000)ea Details
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