DigiSEP Accessories

Solid Phase Extraction DigiSEP is a novel technique to isolate and concentrate desired analytes from complex matrices. DigiSEP provides an effective and innovative solution to improve detection limits of elements through pre-concentration, or alternatively, to remove interfering matrices prior to ICP-OES and ICP-MS analysis.  The following is a list of accessories to help you with your analysis.

010-500-231Stopcock, Polycarb (pk/12)ea Details
010-500-237Vacuum Pump 60L/min (115V)ea Details
010-500-239Vacuum Pump 58L/min (230V)ea Details
010-790-501Vacuum Manifold Set, SPEea Details
010-790-503Excess Liquid Collection Vessel w/Tubingea Details
010-790-507SPE Cartridge Adapter (pk/5)ea Details
010-790-509Vacuum Pump 17L/min (230V)ea Details
010-790-515DigiSEP Cartridge Reservoir,75ml (pk20)ea Details
140-113-035Blank, Water, 500 MLea Details
250-037-110Ammonium acetate, pH 5.3, 2 M500ml Details
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