DigiPREP Evaporation


Designed to shut off DigiPREP heating systems once a predetermined volume of sample is reached in a DigiTUBE. combining a visual alarm with auto shut-off, DigiSET offers a level of sample preparation control not available with any other graphite block digestion system. DigiSET is designed for evaporation methods where samples require volume reduction (volume control ±2.5 ml). Manufactured under an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality program. CE, UL, and CSA approved.

• Automatic shut-off of DigiPREP system with no
   lab supervision

    -  Allows for overnight digestions and evaporations
    -  Increase lab efficiency by automatically processing
       samples off-hours

• Manufactured with a corrosion resistant case
    -  Eliminates sample contamination from instrument
    -  Corrosion resistant for long life

DigiSET (PDF, 54 KB)

010-500-014DigiSET for DigiPREP 50/100ml (115/230V)ea Details
010-500-036DigiSET Probe Holder (50ml)ea Details
010-500-037DigiSET Probe (50/100ml)ea Details
010-500-051Dongle for DigiSET 2 Pinea Details
010-500-058DigiSET probe for DigiVACea Details
010-500-115Extension Cable, 3m for DigiSETea Details
010-501-020DigiSET Probe Holder (100ml)ea Details
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