DigiTUBE Rack

Facilitate the handling of sample with 12-, 18- or 24-position racks made from  Lexan or styrofoam.  Keep samples safe and secure.



010-500-021Rack, 24 Pos. for DigiTUBE, MS/LS (50ml)ea Details
010-500-023Rack, 2 Tier, 24 Positon MS/LS (50ml)ea Details
010-500-025Rack for Hotblock 50ml Tubes, 18 Pos.ea Details
010-500-026Rack, Storage, for 50ml DigiTUBE (pk/5)ea Details
010-500-027Rack, 24 Position for DigiVAC (50ml)ea Details
010-500-427Rack, 24 pos. DigiPREP 240 Jr 50mlea Details
010-500-482Rack, 24 pos. DigiPREP 240 MS/LS 50mlea Details
010-501-025Rack for Hotblock 100ml DT (Set 2pc)ea Details
010-501-027Rack, 15 Position for DigiVAC (100ml)ea Details
010-501-028Foam Storage Rack 100 ml (pk/5)ea Details
010-501-510Rack, 12 Position DigiPREP Jr (100ml)ea Details
010-501-530Rack, 15 Position for 100ml DigiPREP MSea Details
010-501-550Rack, 21 Position for 100ml DigiPREP LSea Details
010-505-021Rack, 24 Position for DigiPREP Jr (50ml)ea Details
010-505-023Rack, 2 Tier, 24 Position JR (50ml)ea Details
010-510-021Rack for DigiPREP Mini 50 ml, 9 positionea Details
010-510-023Rack for DigiPREP Mini 15ml, 25 positionea Details
010-515-010Rack, LS, RackLock, Position (15ml)ea Details
010-515-023Rack, Jr, RackLock, 40 Position (15ml)ea Details
010-515-027Rack, MS, RackLock, 54 Position (15ml)ea Details
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