AccuSPEC for Soil Analysis

Soil analysis requires a large set of prepared solutions for both analyse extraction
and analysis. All solutions are prepared to comply with the recommendations of the Soil & Plant Analysis Council.

  • Prepared as per guidelines from the "Handbook on Reference Methods for Soil Analysis", 1992 Edition. 
    • Compliance with the recommendations of the Soil & Plant Analysis Council.

  • Available in sizes from 500 ml to 20 liters.
    • Flexibility: Buy only what is required. Save money with large volumes.

  • Certificate of Analysis with actual concentration, lot number, expiry date, and traceability to NIST, where applicable.
    • Complete documentation for audit purposes.

250-240-101Extracting Reagent, AB-DTPA10L Details
250-240-131Adams-Evans Buffer Solution10L Details
250-240-141Ammonium Acetate Extraction Reagent10L Details
250-240-213Bray P1 Extracting Reagent10L Details
250-240-363DTPA Extraction Reagent10L Details
250-240-493Mehlich #1 Extracting Reagent10L Details
250-240-503Mehlich #3 Final Extraction Reagent10L Details
250-240-583Olsen's Extraction Reagent10L Details
250-240-653Potassium Chloride, KCl, 0.0100M10L Details
250-240-743SMP Buffer Solution10L Details
250-240-753Sodium Chloride Stock Solution10L Details
250-240-103Releasing Reagent WEEE-RoHS125ml Details
250-240-132Adams-Evans Buffer Solution20L Details
250-240-102Extracting Reagent, AB-DTPA20L Details
250-240-214Bray P1 Extracting Reagent20L Details
250-240-142Ammonium Acetate Extraction Reagent20L Details
250-240-364DTPA Extraction Reagent20L Details
250-240-754Sodium Chloride Stock Solution20L Details
250-240-744SMP Buffer Solution20L Details
250-240-654Potassium Chloride, KCl, 0.0100M20L Details
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