Sample / Drain Tubing

From Teflon® sample line tubing to Internal Standard Mixing Kits, SCP SCIENCE stocks additional tubing for ICP-AES and ICP-MS instruments.

010-031-308Tygon Tubing 1/4" i.d 3/32" wallft Details
010-031-310Tygon Tubing 3.2mm id,1.6mm wall (Meter)Meter Details
010-720-152Tubing, PFA, .125” OD, .062” IDft Details
020-039-002Tubing, PVC 0.64mm ID (15m)ea Details
020-039-403Tubing, Poly. 0.6mm ID x 0.97mm OD, 30mea Details
020-050-501Microbore PTFE Tubing, 0.022"ID x 0.042"ea Details
020-050-503Drain Tubing, 9.5mm (Mtr) 3/8ID x 1/2 ODea Details
020-050-521Tubing, Teflon 0.042"IDx0.066"OD(Meter)ea Details
020-050-525Tubing, Teflon 0.62mm ID (Mtr)ea Details
022-039-401Santoprene Tubing, 1.6mm ID 30mea Details
022-039-402Santoprene Tubing OD 3/8", ID 1/4", 15mea Details
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