JOAP/Military D-Series Standards

CONOSTAN® is the original source of D-Series Standards. More than 35 years ago, the U.S. Department of Defense’s Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program Standards Committee required standards for its wear metals analysis programs. With no reliable commercial source of metals in oil standards, the CONOSTAN® research team set to work in developing a reliable standard. The result was CONOSTAN®’s uniquely superior sulfonate chemistry which was adopted by the Department of Defense for its D-Series Standards.

As with all CONOSTAN® products, the D-Series of standards are extremely stable and accurate.

Now available in Original and MIL-DTL-85694-compliant (JOAP) formulations! Returning CONOSTAN® D Series users should select from the CONOSTAN® original line of standards, while JOAP participants can now choose from our MIL-DTL-85694-compliant line.