Probes and Syringes

010-400-009Dispensing Pump for HF 10mlea Details
010-400-018Dispensing Pump for 1ml, 5ml, 10ml, 25mlea Details
010-400-029Teflon Valve, HFea Details
010-400-034Tubing Set, HF Tef Ferr, Nuts + Tubingea Details
010-400-062Dispensing tip, 0.4mm IDea Details
010-400-064Dispensing tip, 1mm IDea Details
010-400-066Dispenser, HF, 10mlea Details
010-400-092Bubble Stirrer with Inert Gas Featureea Details
010-400-102Dispenser, 1mlea Details
010-400-104Dispenser, 5mlea Details
010-400-108Dispenser,10mlea Details
010-400-110Dispenser, 25mlea Details
010-400-112Dispenser, 50mlea Details
010-400-150Acid Bottle Vent cap for SHea Details
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