USP Compliance Reference Standards

SCP SCIENCE offers 6 multi-element strandards for ICP testing which reflect USP limit values for metallic contaminants in pharmaceuticals for different routes of administration (oral and parenteral).


  • Certified and compiles with ISO 17025 Guide 34
  • Download the USP 232/233 standards flyer (PDF, 300 KB)
  • Download the USP 232/ICH Q3D standards brochure (PDF, 201 KB)


140-131-021USP 232 Elemental Impurities std (II)125ml Details
140-131-031USP 232 (I) Elemental Impurities std PDD125ml Details
140-131-041USP 232 (I) Elemental Impurities std ODD125ml Details
140-131-051USP 232 (II) Elemental Impurities std125ml Details
140-131-061USP 2232 Dietary Supplements Std125ml Details
140-131-101USP232/ICH Q3D Oral STD# 1 IA125ml Details
140-131-105USP232/ICH Q3D Oral STD# 1 IA500ml Details
140-131-111USP232/ICH Q3D Oral STD# 2 IA125ml Details
140-131-115USP232/ICH Q3D Oral STD# 2 IA500ml Details
140-131-121USP232/ICH Q3D Oral STD# 3 IA125ml Details
140-131-125USP232/ICH Q3D Oral STD# 3 IA500ml Details
140-131-141USP232/ICH Q3D Oral STD# 4 NIA125ml Details
140-131-145USP232/ICH Q3D Oral STD# 4 NIA500ml Details
140-131-201USP232/ICH Q3D Parenteral STD# 1 IA125ml Details
140-131-205USP232/ICH Q3D Parenteral STD# 1 IA500ml Details
140-131-211USP232/ICH Q3D Parenteral STD# 2 IA125ml Details
140-131-215USP232/ICH Q3D Parenteral STD# 2 IA500ml Details
140-131-221USP232/ICH Q3D Parenteral STD# 3 IA125ml Details
140-131-225USP232/ICH Q3D Parenteral STD# 3 IA500ml Details
140-131-241USP232/ICH Q3D Parenteral STD# 4 NIA125ml Details
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