MiniWAVE Accessories

The SCP SCIENCE Digestion Racks with auto vent and seal Safety Pressure Caps and volume-calibrated Quartz Digestion Vessels provide faster assembly over classical Teflon® Digestion Vessel Systems. In less than 15 minutes, 12 samples can be weighed, acid added, Pressure Cap adjusted and the digestion begun.


Quartz vessels have the following advantages:


  • Volume calibrated Quartz Digestion Vessels at 50 ml for normalization
  • Observe what is being digested in Quartz
  • Easier to wash than Teflon® vessels
  • Reduced cross contamination vs Teflon® vessels
  • Lower replacement cost than Teflon®

Racks have the following advantages:

  • Rack and Vessels can be assembled in minutes
  • Vent and seal technology (34 atm., 500psi)
  • Tube extenders to increase heating efficiency
  • Triple Teflon® coated Rack components for chemical resistance
010-600-009MiniWAVE Rack, 6pl w/75ml Quartz Vesselsea Details
010-600-010MiniWAVE Rack, 6pl w/75ml Teflon Vesselsea Details
010-600-013MiniWAVE Rack, 6pl w/o Vesselsea Details
010-600-014Cart for up to 2 Modules & 1 Controllerea Details
010-600-019MiniWAVE Controller for Rotating modulesea Details
010-600-022Liner, Teflon, New w/Plunger (pk/6)ea Details
010-600-026Safety Pressure Cap SA/MW - 010-600-022ea Details
010-600-034Barcode Reader and Probeea Details
010-600-035MW Rotating Rack 75ml Cal Quartz Vesselsea Details
010-600-037MW Rotating Rack 75ml Teflon PFA Vesselsea Details
010-600-040NovaWAVE Transfer Rack Standea Details
010-600-058Quartz Vessel, 75ml MW (pk/6)ea Details
010-600-059Support Sleeves, 75 ml MW Teflon Vesselspk6 Details
010-600-060PFA Cap, MiniWave Quartz Vessel (pk/6)ea Details
010-600-061PFA Cap for MiniWave Teflon Vessel (pk6)ea Details
010-600-070Venting Tool NW/SA and MWea Details
010-600-071Quartz Vessel, 75ml NWpk6 Details
010-600-073Teflon Digestion Vessel, 75mlpk6 Details
010-600-074Support Sleeves, 75 ml NW Teflon Vesselspk6 Details
010-600-080NovaWAVE FA Venting Toolea Details
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