Graphite Fusion Crucibles

Regular and high-purity graphite fusion crucibles are available in four different formats. Impurities range from 10 to 100 ppm Mg, Fe, Al, Si, and Cu; and are distributed evenly throughout the graphite.

  • High purity graphite contains a maximum impurity level of 2 ppm for all elements

    • Ideal for trace-level analysis

  • Ask for a quotation on special custom crucibles

    • Provide the knowledge and experience of manufacturing customized crucibles

040-060-010Fusion Crucible, Conical, 9ml (100)ea Details
040-060-011Fusion Crucible, Conical, 9ml, HP (10)ea Details
040-060-012Lid for 9ml crucible, HP (10)ea Details
040-060-013Lid for 9ml crucible (10)ea Details
040-060-020Fusion Crucible, Conical, 9ml w/Lidea Details
040-060-022Lid for 9ml crucible (100)ea Details
040-060-030Fusion Crucible, Cylind., 20ml (10)ea Details
040-060-031Fusion Crucible, Cylind., 20ml HP (10)ea Details
040-060-032Lid for 20ml crucible (10)ea Details
040-060-033Lid for 20ml crucible HP (10)ea Details
040-060-040Graph.Fus/Cast. Reg. (10)ea Details
040-060-041Graph.Fusion/Cast.HP (10)ea Details
040-060-042Lid for Graph.Fus/Cast. Reg. (100)ea Details
040-060-043Lid for Graph.Fusion/Cast.HP (100)ea Details
040-060-044Lid for Graph.Fus/Cast. Regea Details
040-060-050Crucible, Graphite, 55mlea Details
040-060-052Crucible, Graphite, HPea Details
040-060-060Crucible, Casting (Raw Graphite)ea Details
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