COD Tube Recycling Program


Environmental Labs and Wastewater Treatment Plants order AccuSPEC pre-filled Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) tubes in low, medium and high concentration ranges. Recycle your used COD tubes by participating in the SCP SCIENCE COD Recycling Program.


  • Provide a complete package
    • Order COD tubes and recycling requirements from one company.
  • Save time
    • Place the used COD tube with reagant into the recyling container. No need to separate the tube from the reagent.
  • Protect the environment
    • Avoid contaminating your lab waste with mercury.


Exclusive to US and Canadian customers, SCP SCIENCE has partnered with Clean Harbors - a leader in hazardous waste management services - to provide a simple and cost effective COD Recycling Program with the following steps:


1) Contact SCP SCIENCE to order a recycling container.


2) Place the used COD tubes with reagent into the recycling container.


3) Once the recycling container is full, contact Clean Harbors directly to schedule a pick-up.


4) Re-order AccuSPEC prefilled COD tubes and recycling container(s) from SCP SCIENCE.


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250-130-198COD Disposal Container - 5 gal / 20Lea Details
250-130-199COD Disposal Container - 30 gal / 120Lea Details
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