EasyPREP Soil Analyzer

The EasyPREP Soil Analyzer is a multi-parameter Robotic Soil Analyzer System. The system includes software and hardware to perform pH and electro conductivity measurements in a variety of vessels.



·         Sample Capacity of

o   96 positions of 1oz. Medicine cups with 12 positions for pH buffer and QC samples or

o   72 positions of 100ml Rack lock DigiTUBES with 8 positions for pH buffer and QC sample or

o   72 positions of 3oz. Dixie cup with 8 positions for pH buffer and QC sample

·         Up to 3 points pH calibration and 2 points EC calibration.

·         pH meter specifications

o   reading range: 0-14

o   Accuracy: ±0.002

·         Electro conductivity meter specifications:

o   Reading range: 5-100,000 uS/cm.

o   Accuracy: < 5% of reading range.

o   Repeatability: less than 1%.

·         Temperature

o   Accuracy: ±0.10 °C

·         Stepper Pump

o   < 0.5% accuracy at 1ml


010-460-001Two Probe EasyPREP pH/EC Soil Analyzerea Details
010-460-003Cassette holder for Medicine cupsea Details
010-460-004Cassette holder, 100ml tbs. or 3oz cupsea Details
010-460-010Rack, for 1oz Medicine Cupsea Details
010-460-012Rack, for 100ml DigiTUBEsea Details
010-460-014Rack, for 3 oz Dixie-Cupsea Details
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