Instrument Control Solutions

Instrument Control Standards

PlasmaTEST products are designed to provide an accurate control mechanism for monitoring instrument performance. Available for both ICP-AES and ICP-MS systems, PlasmaTEST can ensure maximum instrument operating efficiency.

• 7 tests for ICP-AES, 14 tests for ICP-MS.

• Complete testing schedules with specific methods for each parameter.

• Control Charts for each test.

• Tests designed specifically to monitor important parameters to ensure the instruments are at maximum efficiency.

• Ideal for ISO requirements for instrument verification.

• Monitor trends -useful for service people performing maintenance.

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Warm-Up Time Isotopic Ratio
Long Term Stability Resolution
Resolution Oxide Ion Ratios
Repeatability Doubly Charged Ion Ratio
Plasma Robustness Sensitivity Stability
Signal-background Ratio Mass Accuracy
Intensity Counts Mass Stability
  Short-term Stability
  Long-term Stability
  Cross Calibration
  Mass Abundance
  "Cool" Plasma
  DRC Performance
  Detector Cut-off
Ordering Information (ICP-AES)
Description Catalog Number
PlasmaTESTfor ICP Kit 140-128-001
RQC-1 Solution (500ml only) 140-128-002
RQC-2 Solution (500ml only) 140-128-003
Follow-Up Solution(500ml only) 140-128-004
Log Book 140-128-005
Ordering Information (ICP-MS)  
Description Catalog Number
PlasmaTEST for ICP-MS Kit 140-128-021
Ratio Solution (125ml only) 140-128-022
Stability Solution (125ml only) 140-128-023
Stability Solution (Brine) (125ml only) 140-128-024
Verification Solution(500ml only) 140-128-025
Plasma Solution (125ml only) 140-128-026
Logbook 140-128-027
140-128-001PlasmaTEST ICP-AES Kitea Details
140-128-002RQC-1 Solution500ml Details
140-128-003RQC-2 Solution500ml Details
140-128-004Follow-Up Solution500ml Details
140-128-005Logbook, ICP AESea Details
140-128-006Computerized Logbookea Details
140-128-011PlasmaTEST ICP-AES Kit (v.f.)ea Details
140-128-015Logbook, ICP AES (v.f)ea Details
140-128-021PlasmaTEST ICP-MS Kitea Details
140-128-022Ratio Solution125ml Details
140-128-023Stability Solution125ml Details
140-128-024Stability Solution (Brine)125ml Details
140-128-025Verification Solution500ml Details
140-128-026ICP Standard, Fe, 10 ug/ml125ml Details
140-128-027Logbook, ICP MS, Englishea Details
140-128-031PlasmaTEST ICP-MS Kit (v.f)ea Details
140-128-037Logbook, ICP MS (v.f)ea Details
140-128-111WaveCal 1 Standard125ml Details
140-128-112WaveCal 1 Standard250ml Details
140-128-115WaveCal 1 Standard500ml Details
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