Thermo Fisher GVi / MicroMass

Micromass-Isoprobe skimmer and sampler cones are manufactured from either Ni or a Ni base with a Pt insert.  The choice on the type of cone is based on sample type and plasma conditions.  For example, a Pt insert is used when the client analyzes for Ni or has very harsh plasma conditions.    All cones are manufactured within very high tolerances in order to meet the exact requirements of your ICP-MS instrument.
020-103-010Cone, Sampler, Ni, Isoprobeea Details
020-103-011Cone, Skimmer, Ni, Isoprobeea Details
020-103-015Cone, Collimator, Ni, Isoprobeea Details
020-103-020Cone, Sampler, Ni, Platformea Details
020-103-021Cone, Skimmer, Ni, Platformea Details
020-103-025Cone, Collimator, Ni, Platformea Details
020-103-027Cone, Sampler, Ni, Isoprobeea Details
020-103-123Cone, Collimator, Ni, Domed 3mm M695579Bea Details
020-103-125Cone, Collimator, Ni, Domed 2mm M695474Bea Details
020-103-127Cone, Collimator, SS Mounting M695064B/2ea Details
020-103-220Cone, Sampler, Al, Platformea Details
020-103-221Cone, Skimmer, Al, Platformea Details
020-103-223Cone, Sampler, Ni/Cuea Details
020-103-225Cartridge Assembly, Ni/Cuea Details
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