PartiSTAN Particle Size Standards


PartiStan particle standards are designed for calibration and verification of automatic particle counters.

Product History
In 1999, a new calibration procedure (ISO 11171) for automatic particle counters was introduced, rendering previous procedures (i.e. ISO 4402) obsolete. With the new procedure, primary calibration requires NIST SRM 2806, a suspension of ISO medium test dust (RM 8631) in super clean hydraulic fluid.

CONOSTAN offers a secondary standard for the cost-effective calibration and verification of automatic particle counters. PartiStan secondary standards are compliant with ISO 11171 and directly tracable to NIST SRM 2806.


NEW! PartiStan 2806-A Calibration Fluid, 150-701-008, based on NIST SRM 2806a. Perfect for users with calibration procedures requiring calibrating fluid based on the original NIST SRM.

150-701-001PartiStan 2806 Calibration Fluid400ml Details
150-701-002PartiStan Resolution Standard400ml Details
150-701-003PartiStan Super Clean Fluid400ml Details
150-701-004PartiStan Super Clean Fluid, 1 Gallon3.78L Details
150-701-005PartiStan UFTD (NIST 8632) Std,100mg/L400ml Details
150-701-006PartiStan Resolution Fluid, 3x400mlea Details
150-701-008PartiStan 2806 Calibr. Fluid (reduced)400ml Details
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