Quality Control Standards

PlasmaCAL Multi-Element Standards for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & the Contract Laboratory Program (CLP) provide an economical alternative to preparing in-house multi-element standards. Available for a range of prescribed methods and in multiple volumes.

• Designed specifically for EPA 200.7, 200.8, 6010 and Superfund   CLP
     -  Save money and time in preparation

• Available in 2 or 3 sizes (100, 250 & 500 ml)
     -  Save by buying only what is required

• Complete Certificate of Analysis listing actual concentrations and traceability to NIST
     -  Complete documentation for audit purposes

140-102-011Quality Control Std 1 (125ml)125ml Details
140-102-012Quality Control Standard 1250ml Details
140-102-015Quality Control Standard 1500ml Details
140-102-020Quality Ctrl.Std. 2(2x25ml) Details
140-102-021Quality Ctrl.Std. 2125ml Details
140-102-022Quality Ctrl.Std. 2250ml Details
140-102-025Quality Ctrl.Std. 2500ml Details
140-102-031Quality Ctrl.Std. Set (125ml)125ml Details
140-102-032Quality Ctrl.Std. Set (250ml)250ml Details
140-102-035Quality Ctrl.Std. Set500ml Details
140-102-041Quality Ctrl.Std. 4 (125ml)125ml Details
140-102-042Quality Ctrl.Std. 4 (250ml)250ml Details
140-102-045Quality Ctrl.Std. 4 (500ml)500ml Details
140-102-050Quality Ctrl.Std. 3(2x25ml) Details
140-102-051Quality Ctrl.Std. 3125ml Details
140-102-052Quality Ctrl.Std. 3 (250ml)250ml Details
140-102-055Quality Ctrl.Std. 3 (500 ML)500ml Details
140-102-061PlasmaQUAL S22 standardea Details
140-102-062PlasmaQUAL S22 standardea Details
140-102-065PlasmaQUAL S22 standardea Details
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