Single Element 1,000ppm

“The Best Quality at the Best Value” - is what defines PlasmaCAL Single Element Calibration Standards for ICP-AES and ICP-MS. PlasmaCAL Standards are directly traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


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140-051-551ICP Standard, Cs, 1000 ug/ml125ml Details
140-051-555ICP Standard, Cs, 1000 ug/ml500ml Details
140-051-560ICP Standard, Ba, 1000 ug/ml(2x25ml) Details
140-051-561ICP Standard, Ba, 1000 ug/ml125ml Details
140-051-565ICP Standard, Ba, 1000 ug/ml500ml Details
140-051-570ICP Standard, La, 1000 ug/ml(2x25ml) Details
140-051-571ICP Standard, La, 1000 ug/ml125ml Details
140-051-575ICP Standard, La, 1000 ug/ml500ml Details
140-051-580ICP Standard, Ce, 1000 ug/ml(2x25ml) Details
140-051-581ICP Standard, Ce, 1000 ug/ml125ml Details
140-051-585ICP Standard, Ce, 1000 ug/ml500ml Details
140-051-590ICP Standard, Pr, 1000 ug/ml(2x25ml) Details
140-051-591ICP Standard, Pr, 1000 ug/ml125ml Details
140-051-595ICP Standard, Pr, 1000 ug/ml500ml Details
140-051-600ICP Standard, Nd, 1000 ug/ml(2x25ml) Details
140-051-601ICP Standard, Nd, 1000 ug/ml125ml Details
140-051-605ICP Standard, Nd, 1000 ug/ml500ml Details
140-051-620ICP Standard, Sm, 1000 ug/ml(2x25ml) Details
140-051-621ICP Standard, Sm, 1000 ug/ml125ml Details
140-051-625ICP Standard, Sm, 1000 ug/ml500ml Details
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