Single Element 1,000ppm

“The Best Quality at the Best Value” - is what defines PlasmaCAL Single Element Calibration Standards for ICP-AES and ICP-MS. PlasmaCAL Standards are directly traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


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140-052-781ICP Standard, Pt, 1000 ug/ml125ml Details
140-052-785ICP Standard, Pt, 1000 ug/ml500ml Details
140-052-780ICP Standard, Pt, 1000 ug/ml(2x25ml) Details
140-051-371ICP Standard, Rb, 1000 ug/ml125ml Details
140-051-370ICP Standard, Rb, 1000 ug/ml(2x25ml) Details
140-050-751ICP Standard, Re, 1000 ug/ml125ml Details
140-050-755ICP Standard, Re, 1000 ug/ml500ml Details
140-050-750ICP Standard, Re, 1000 ug/ml(2x25ml) Details
140-052-451ICP Standard, Rh, 1000 ug/ml125ml Details
140-052-455ICP Standard, Rh, 1000 ug/ml500ml Details
140-052-450ICP Standard, Rh, 1000 ug/ml(2x25ml) Details
140-052-441ICP Standard, Ru, 1000 ug/ml125ml Details
140-052-440ICP Standard, Ru, 1000 ug/ml(2x25ml) Details
140-050-161ICP Standard, S, 1000 ug/ml125ml Details
140-050-165ICP Standard, S, 1000 ug/ml500ml Details
140-050-160ICP Standard, S, 1000 ug/ml(2x25ml) Details
140-051-511ICP Standard, Sb, 1000 ug/ml in HNO3125ml Details
140-051-515ICP Standard, Sb, 1000 ug/ml in HNO3500ml Details
140-051-510ICP Standard, Sb, 1000 ug/ml in HNO3(2x25ml) Details
140-051-211ICP Standard, Sc, 1000 ug/ml125ml Details
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