Single Ion Chromatography Standards


Ion Chromatography is a vital component of inorganic analysis. Traditional calibration standards and eluents as well as custom solutions are available. Large selection of 1000 ug/ml anion and cation Calibration Standards available.

IC Standards

- Complete Certificate of Analysis is included with NIST

- Eluents available as concentrates or working solutions

- Custom Multi-Element Standards available

- Save time and labor by purchasing prepared Calibration

- Complete documentation for audit purposes

- Eluents prepared following rigid specifications; less baseline

- Standards designed to your specifications

- IC Standards Flyer (PDF, 140KB)

Custom IC Quote Form


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250-220-416Formate, IC Standard, HCOO-, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-446Lithium,IC Standard, Li+, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-461Magnesium, IC Standard, Mg2+, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-506Nitrate Standard, NO3-, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-521Nitrate as Nitrogen IC Std 1000 ppm500ml Details
250-220-536Nitrite Standard, NO2-, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-551Nitrite-Nitrogen Standard500ml Details
250-220-566Oxalate, IC Standard, C2O42-, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-581Perchlorate, IC Standard, ClO4-, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-596Phosphate, IC Standard, 1000ppm PO4(3-)500ml Details
250-220-611Phosphate as Phosphorus, IC Std 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-626Potassium Standard, K+, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-641Sodium Standard, Na+, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-686Strontium, IC Standard, Sr2+, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-701Sulfate, IC Standard SO42-, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-716Sulfate-Sulfur, IC Standard500ml Details
250-220-741Propionate, IC Std, CH3CH2COO-, 1000 ppm500ml Details
250-220-791Butyrate, IC Std, C4H7O2(-), 1000 ppm500ml Details
250-220-801Isobutyrate, IC Standard, 1000 ppm500ml Details
250-220-811Valerate, IC Standard, 1000 ppm500ml Details
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