Soft Material Grinder

  The SP-3000 Soft Material Grinder is the ideal instrument to reduce medium to soft material such as grass, pellets, compressed fibers, straw, peat, husks, feedstuffs, spices, hay, hops, wood, tobacco, malt, maize, paper, pastes, roots, rubber, soft soil samples, chemicals, etc.

Material is fed through the top left hopper. A safety plunger allows the operator to vary the rate at which material is fed into the grinding chamber permitting control over the fineness of the final sample. A set of rotating knives cut and shear the sample against a set of stationary knives in the grinding chamber into the sample receptacle.

Soft Material Grinder

The SP-3000 Soft Material Grinder is supplied with a metal plate perforated with 1/16" (approx. 10 mesh) holes. The metal plate can be used as supplied or in conjunction with finer optional screens.

Three adjustable, sharpenable knives

Easily-removable screens

Heavy-duty construction

• Maintenance-free design

Easily-removable sealed sample receptacle

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010-010-300Grinder, Soft Material, SP-3000, 208v/60ea Details
010-010-305Grinder, Soft Material, SP-3000, 230v/50ea Details
010-010-311Screen, 20 Mesh, .850mmea Details
010-010-312Screen, 28 Mesh, .600mmea Details
010-010-313Screen, 35 Mesh, .425mmea Details
010-010-314Screen, 48 Mesh, .300mmea Details
010-010-315Screen, 70 Mesh, .201mmea Details
010-010-316Screen, 100 Mesh, .150mmea Details
010-010-320Motor, 208 volts, 1 phase, 60 Hertz 2hpea Details
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