Toxic Metals

Some metals are harmful to living organisms even in very low concentrations. It is the case for mercury which damages the nervous system. The maximum contaminant levels of these metals in water and food products are consequently very low and may present detection limit problems. MRT products for toxic metals may help counter this problem.

Note: Chemical affinity (CA) is defined as the lowest concentration in a particular element to obtain its quantitative retention.

010-751-025DigiSEP Column Pb-02 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-027DigiSEP Column Pb-03 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-029DigiSEP Column Pb-04 4.6x100mmea Details
010-790-011DigiSEP Powder Cd-01 (10g)ea Details
010-790-015DigiSEP Powder Cr-02 (10g)ea Details
010-790-017DigiSEP Powder Hg-01 (10g)ea Details
010-790-019DigiSEP Powder Hg-02 (10g)ea Details
010-790-021DigiSEP Powder Hg-03 (10g)ea Details
010-790-023DigiSEP Powder Pb-01 (10g)ea Details
010-790-025DigiSEP Powder Pb-02 (10g)ea Details
010-790-027DigiSEP Powder Pb-03 (10g)ea Details
010-790-029DigiSEP Powder Pb-04 (10g)ea Details
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