Transition Metals

DigiSEP MRT - Transition Metals

Transition metals can represent a challenge in ICP analysis. These important metals can be retained on TE cartridges separating them from other interfering elements. The eluted transition metals can then be analyzed without the original matrix interferences.

010-750-083DigiSEP Column Te-07 4.6x50mmea Details
010-750-085DigiSEP Column Te-09 4.6x50mmea Details
010-750-087DigiSEP Column Te-10 4.6x50mmea Details
010-750-089DigiSEP Column Te-11 4.6x50mmea Details
010-750-091DigiSEP Column Te-12 4.6x50mmea Details
010-750-093DigiSEP Column Te-13 4.6x50mmea Details
010-751-071DigiSEP Column Te-01 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-073DigiSEP Column Te-02 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-075DigiSEP Column Te-03 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-077DigiSEP Column Te-04 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-079DigiSEP Column Te-05 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-081DigiSEP Column Te-06 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-083DigiSEP Column Te-07 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-085DigiSEP Column Te-09 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-087DigiSEP Column Te-10 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-089DigiSEP Column Te-11 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-091DigiSEP Column Te-12 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-093DigiSEP Column Te-13 4.6x100mmea Details
010-790-071DigiSEP Powder Te-01 (10g)ea Details
010-790-073DigiSEP Powder Te-02 (10g)ea Details
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