Autosampler Tubes

Autosampler Tubes


SCP SCIENCE provides a full range of cups or tubes for your autosampler. Our sample cups and tubes are molded either from premium grade polystyrene for clarity, or polypropylene for impact strength and stability to common acids, alkalies, and solvents.


    •  Competitively priced 
    •  An exact match (equivalent) to OEM products 
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Autosampler Tube Flyer (PDF, 125KB)


Products meet the following tolerance requirements of ASTM Standard E1272.

+/- 0.10 ml for the 5, 10 and 15 ml volume lines on 15 ml Autosampler tubes (Class A)

+/- 0.10 ml for the 15 ml volume line on 15 ml tubes (Class A)

+/- 0.25 ml for all volume lines on 50 ml tubes (Class A)

+/- 0.50 ml for 50 ml and 100 ml volume lines on 100 ml tubes (Class A)

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130-012-038Plug Cap, Flanged, Yellow, 16mm (1000)ea Details
130-012-036Plug Cap, Flanged, Red, 16mm (1000)ea Details
130-012-034Plug Cap, Flanged, Green, 16mm (1000)ea Details
130-012-032Plug Cap, Flanged, Blue, 16mm (1000)ea Details
130-012-027Cap, Natural, for 130-012-001 (pk/1000)ea Details
130-012-018Plug Cap, Flanged, Natural, 16mm (1000)ea Details
130-012-017Plug Stopper, 17mm (1000)ea Details
130-012-010Tube Rack, 35mm, 8 Placeea Details
130-012-009Test Tube, 16 x 125 mm (19 ml) (pk/1000)ea Details
130-012-008Tube, Poly, 50ml, Self Standing (pk/500)ea Details
130-012-006Autosampler Tubes, PP, 16 x 100mm (2000)ea Details
130-012-004Test Tubes, PP, 90ml (12)ea Details
130-012-003Test Tubes, PP, 45ml (12)ea Details
130-012-001Autosampler Tubes, PP, 13x100mm (1000)ea Details
130-010-12116x100mm PP Tubes w/ cap, 100/bag, 10 bgea Details
130-010-12016x100mm PS Tubes, attached cap, pk/1000ea Details
130-010-117Plug Stoppers,15ml tubes (1000) smallea Details
130-010-115Plug Stoppers,15ml tubes (1000) standardea Details
130-010-055Cent.Tubes,15ml, Capped, 10 racks of 50ea Details
130-010-053Cent. Tubes 15ml w/sep. Cap (pk/500)ea Details
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