Optima 2x00/4x00/5x00/7x00 DV Torches

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020-050-221Purge Viewing Window, XLea Details
020-050-254Purge Window, Short Radialea Details
020-050-258Injector, Alu, 1.2mm 4300V/5300V/7300Vea Details
020-050-426Torch support, Fixed Torch 2000/4000DVea Details
020-050-454Adapter 12/5 to PE Axial, Ultemea Details
020-050-458Adapter, Optima 2X00/4X00/5X00 DV Ultemea Details
020-050-513O'Ring, Kit for Torchea Details
020-051-001Copper Strip (pk/10)ea Details
020-051-002Torch, DV for PE 2/4/5/7000 w/o inj.ea Details
020-051-004Torch, DV PE 2000/4000 (w/ 2.0mm inj.)ea Details
020-051-005Torch Body, Radial 4300V/5300V/7300Vea Details
020-051-006Torch, Demountable, No Slot,PEea Details
020-051-007Torch, DV PE 2000/4000, 0.8mm injea Details
020-051-008Torch, DV PE 2000/4000, 1.2mm injea Details
020-051-009Torch, DV PE 2000/4000, 1.6mm injea Details
020-051-010Torch Body, Op2000/4000/5000/7000 DV 3slea Details
020-051-012Torch Body, Optima 2000/4000 Wear Metalsea Details
020-051-098Torch, PE Short Versionea Details
020-051-254Radial purge windowea Details
020-051-256Radial Purge Windowea Details
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