SOP (Modula, CIROS, Genesis, ARCOS) Spray Chambers

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020-010-324O'ring for Nebulizer Chamber Cyc (pk/2)ea Details
020-048-201Clamp, S.S. #12ea Details
020-050-086Cyl. Short O'ring adapter, w/baffleea Details
020-050-094Spray Chamber,Small Up.Conicalea Details
020-050-095Spray Chamber,Large Double Passea Details
020-050-187Spray Chamber, Slurry-Spectroea Details
020-050-263Cyclonic Chamber, 12/5 Socket, 4mm Drainea Details
020-050-302Nebulizer Chamber, Glass, Scottea Details
020-051-102Spr. Chbr, Old Sty,Tef. Cyc. w/ Baffleea Details
020-051-210Teflon Cyc Spray Chmb with Baffleea Details
020-055-100Spray Chamber, Cyc. 13 mm Drainea Details
020-055-120Spray Chamber, Lg. Dbl Pass, Spectroea Details
020-055-121Spray Chamber, Cyc 50ml w/baf 2/jac 12/5ea Details
020-055-224Scott S/C, Boro, DP, 18/9, 10mm drainea Details
020-058-109Spray Chamber, Water Cooledea Details
020-060-130Spray Chamber, Cyclonic for Spectroea Details
020-060-131Spray Chamber, Cyclonic MLNea Details
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