EOP (Modula, CIROS, Genesis, ARCOS) Torches

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020-051-420Adapter Kit for Spectro Axial ICPea Details
020-055-026Adapter, Alumina, GL14-12/5ea Details
020-055-332Adapter, HF Resistant EOPea Details
020-050-459Adaptor 12/5 to 6.2mm o.d., Ultemea Details
020-050-440Adaptor 7.0mm i.d. to 6.2mm o.d., Ultemea Details
020-055-242Adaptor Spray Chamber Spectro 90 Degreesea Details
020-050-255Alumina Injector, Spectro 2.5mm w/O'ringea Details
020-055-311Elbow Adapt. Slurryea Details
020-055-312Elbow Adaptor, Slurry, Quartzea Details
020-060-150Elbow Joint EOP/Cyc. Spr Chea Details
020-055-051Gas Adaptor Set for Spectro 1 Pce Torchea Details
020-050-233HF Holder, Spectroea Details
020-050-236Holder Fixed Torch, Spectroea Details
020-050-096Inj/Aerosol Tube 1.5mmea Details
020-050-259Inject., Alumina, Spectro 1.8mm w/O'ringea Details
020-050-251Injector 1.2mm for demountable torchea Details
020-050-253Injector 2.5mm for demountable torchea Details
020-050-260Injector, Qtz, 2.5 with ball jointea Details
020-050-257Injector, Spectro, 1.8 quartzea Details
020-020-115O'ring Kit for Spectroea Details
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