Conductivity Standards

Conductivity Standards

AccuSPEC Conductivity Standards respond to the need for the accurate measurement of conductivity in laboratory, process, & environmental water samples. All standards are certified at 25 °C.

- Numerous concentrations available

- Direct Traceability to NIST

- Certificate of Analysis with actual conductivity, lot number,
  expiry date and traceability to NIST, where applicable

- Reduce errors by selecting closest concentration

- Product confidence

- Complete documentation for audit purposes


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250-160-900Conductivity Std. (KCl) 111,342umhos/cm500ml Details
250-160-901Conductivity Std. (KCl) 111,342umhos/cmL Details
250-160-880Conductivity Std. (KCl) 12,856umhos/cm500ml Details
250-160-881Conductivity Std. (KCl) 12,856umhos/cmL Details
250-160-700Conductivity Std. (KCl) 12.9umhos/cm500ml Details
250-160-701Conductivity Std. (KCl) 12.9umhos/cmL Details
250-160-820Conductivity Std. (KCl) 1413umhos/cm500ml Details
250-160-821Conductivity Std. (KCl) 1413umhos/cmL Details
250-160-760Conductivity Std. (KCl) 146.9umhos/cm500ml Details
250-160-761Conductivity Std. (KCl) 146.9umhos/cmL Details
250-160-840Conductivity Std. (KCl) 2767umhos/cm500ml Details
250-160-841Conductivity Std. (KCl) 2767umhos/cmL Details
250-160-720Conductivity Std. (KCl) 84umhos/cm500ml Details
250-160-721Conductivity Std. (KCl) 84umhos/cmL Details
250-160-070Conductivity Std. 10 µS/cm with TDS500ml Details
250-160-071Conductivity Std. 10 µS/cm with TDSL Details
250-160-170Conductivity Std. 100 µS/cm with TDS500ml Details
250-160-171Conductivity Std. 100 µS/cm with TDSL Details
250-160-950Conductivity Std. 160,000 uS/cm500ml Details
250-160-190Conductivity Std. 200 µS/cm with TDS500ml Details
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