DigiTUBES & Watchglasses

  • Made from virgin polypropylene
    - Offer ultra low leachable metal content

  • Provide a 50 ml graduation mark with accuracy equal to ASTM Class "A" specifications
    - Reduces the need for graduated cylinders and volumetric flasks
    - Certificate included with each case

  • Manufactured with a RackLock Design
    - Exclusive - Locks DigiTUBE in position within rack allowing easy, one-handed closure of the screw cap

  • DigiTUBE Flyer (PDF, 519KB)
  • DigiTUBE Color Caps Flyer (PDF, 364KB)

TUBEs are recognized as the best disposable digestion vessels on the market. Manufactured using virgin polypropylene which has been verified for leachable metals by ICP-MS. Low leachable catalytic/additive metal content, excellent visibility and good acid resistance are guaranteed.

DigiTUBEs come complete with leak free, polyethylene screw caps with no metallic additives. In 2005, SCP SCIENCE introduced its second generation DigiTUBEs (catalog no. 010-500-261). Tubes are graduated, in 5 ml increments, up to the 50 ml graduation mark. The 50 ml graduation mark is certified accurate to ±0.25 ml in accordance with ASTM Class "A" volumetric standards. This reduces and eliminates the need for graduated cylinders and volumetric flasks.

In fact, a DigiTUBE replaces 5 vessels in the lab (i.e. digestion beaker, graduated cylinder, volumetric flask, autosampler tube, and storage container). Save time and lower costs with the use of DigiTUBEs.

Second generation DigiTUBEs offer a flatter bottom than previous models providing a more intimate contact with the base of the DigiPREP well. This results in a faster heat up times and faster sample temperature response times. For critical applications, DigiTUBEs are available in shrink-wrapped bundles, Handy-Pak (catalog no. 010-500-362), to protect against dust infiltration during storage and handling. To promote gentle refluxing, disposable watch glasses (catalog no. 010-500-081) are available.


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010-501-085Air Chiller for 100ml DigiTUBE (pk/6)ea Details
010-500-071Boro Glass tbe 50ml FB 4 Cal. ln (pk/6)ea Details
010-500-183Boro Glass Tube 100 Cal 50/100ml (pk/6)ea Details
010-500-065Boro Glass, 125mm (pk/48)ea Details
010-501-060Caps, Blue for 100ml DigiTUBES (pk/100)ea Details
010-500-180Color Coded Caps - Sample Pack (pk/5)ea Details
010-500-201Digestion Tube, 50ml, Calib (pk/6)ea Details
010-500-053Digestion Tube,100ml w/Ground Joint(pk6)ea Details
010-500-203Digestion Tube,no lip,50ml, Calib (pk/6)ea Details
010-501-084Digestion Tube,Teflon 100ml, (pk/6)ea Details
010-520-318DigiPREP HT-100 Ball-Glass Condensorea Details
010-520-322DigiPREP Quartz Ball Condensorea Details
010-500-019DigiPROBE Watch Glass, 50ml (25)ea Details
010-500-501DigiTUBE Blank Material, PP, 1lb Jarea Details
010-501-263DigiTUBE, 100ml, NRL, (pk300)ea Details
010-501-264DigiTUBE, 100ml, NRL/No Caps (pk300)ea Details
010-501-261DigiTUBE, 100ml, RL (pk300)ea Details
010-501-262DigiTUBE, 100ml, RL/No Caps (pk300)ea Details
010-500-364DigiTUBE, 50ml, NRL/HandyPAK (750)ea Details
010-500-362DigiTUBE, 50ml, RL/HandyPAK (750)ea Details
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