DigiTUBEs & Watchglasses

  • Manufactured of ICP MS Grade Polypropylene tested and approved in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory
    • Offer an ultra-low leachable metal content
  • Come with a 50 ml graduation mark, with accuracy equal to ASTM Class "A" specifications
    • Reduces the need for graduated cylinders and volumetric flasks
    • Certificate included with each case
  • Manufactured with a RackLock Design
    • Exclusive - Locks DigiTUBE in position within rack, allowing easy, one-handed closure of the screw cap
  • DigiTUBE Flyer (PDF, 336KB)
  • DigiTUBE Colored Caps Flyer (PDF, 363KB)


DigiTUBEs come complete with leak free, polyethylene screw caps with no metallic additives. In 2005, SCP SCIENCEintroduced its second generation DigiTUBEs (catalog no. 010-500-261). Tubes are graduated, in 5 ml increments, up to the 50 ml graduation mark. The 50 ml graduation mark is certified accurate to ±0.25 ml in accordance with ASTM Class "A" volumetric standards. This reduces and eliminates the need for graduated cylinders and volumetric flasks.

In fact, a DigiTUBE replaces 5 vessels in the lab (i.e. digestion beaker, graduated cylinder, volumetric flask, autosampler tube, and storage container). Save time and lower costs with the use of DigiTUBEs.

Second generation DigiTUBEs offer a flatter bottom than previous models providing a more intimate contact with the base of the DigiPREP well. This results in a faster heat up times and faster sample temperature response times. For critical applications, DigiTUBEs are available in shrink-wrapped bundles, Handy-Pak (catalog no. 010-500-362), to protect against dust infiltration during storage and handling. To promote gentle refluxing, disposable watch glasses (catalog no. 010-500-081) are available.


Products meet the following tolerance requirements of ASTM Standard E1272.

+/- 0.10 ml for the 5, 10 and 15 ml volume lines on 15 ml Autosampler tubes (Class A)

+/- 0.10 ml for the 15 ml volume line on 15 ml tubes (Class A)

+/- 0.25 ml for all volume lines on 50 ml tubes (Class A)

+/- 0.50 ml for 50 ml and 100 ml volume lines on 100 ml tubes (Class A)


010-501-085Air Chiller for 100ml DigiTUBE (pk/6)ea Details
010-501-094Tube, Dig. Boro. 250ml (pk/6)ea Details
010-501-261DigiTUBE, 100ml, RL (pk300)ea Details
010-501-262DigiTUBE, 100ml, RL/No Caps (pk300)ea Details
010-501-263DigiTUBE, 100ml, NRL, (pk300)ea Details
010-501-264DigiTUBE, 100ml, NRL/No Caps (pk300)ea Details
010-501-362DigiTUBE,100ml,RL/HandyPAK(pk/300)ea Details
010-501-364DigiTUBE,100ml,NRL/HandyPAK(pk/300)ea Details
010-501-462DigiTUBE,100ml,RL,HandyPAK Plus(pk/288)ea Details
010-501-464DigiTUBE,100ml,NRL,HandyPAK Plus(pk/288)ea Details
010-515-060Screw Cap, Blue 15ml (pk/540)ea Details
010-515-172Screw Cap, Clear, 15ml DigiTUBE (pk/540)ea Details
010-515-261DigiTUBEs 15ml RL w/caps (1620)ea Details
010-515-262DigiTUBEs 15ml RL w/o caps (1620)ea Details
010-515-263DigiTUBEs 15ml NRLock w/caps (1620)ea Details
010-515-264DigiTUBEs 15ml NRLock w/o caps (1620)ea Details
010-515-361DigiTUBEs 15ml RL w/caps (540)ea Details
010-515-363DigiTUBEs 15ml NRLock w/caps (540)ea Details
010-520-318DigiPREP HT-100 Ball-Glass Condensorea Details
010-520-322DigiPREP Quartz Ball Condensorea Details
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