DigiFILTERs & Accessories

The vacuum assisted 
DigiFILTER* assembly provides a quick and easy way to filter samples prior to analysis.  Increase lab productivity by filtering particulates from digested samples in a matter of seconds.

Instructions for use:

  • Thread the DigiFILTER to the digested DigiTUBE sample and then thread a second DigiTUBE to the other side of the DigiFILTER.  
  • Connect the DigiTUBE-DigiFILTER assembly to the vacuum manifold-pump set. 
  • The versatile vacuum pump creates suction within the DigiTUBE-DigiFILTER assembly to quickly filter particulates from samples. 
  • Clean samples are now ready for trace metals analysis by AA, ICP-AES or ICP-MS.

*Reg. U.S. Patent No: 7,731,036 B2 / Reg. Canadian Patent No: 2,574,322
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