DigiSEP IC Columns


SCP SCIENCE offers a range of solid phase extration products for sample preparation, precontration and separations. 

  • High selectivity for target analyte
  • Tolerance of difficult sample matrices
  • Effiicient sample concentration
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010-790-115DigiSEP Column As-01 (10g)ea Details
010-700-044DigiSEP Column IC-1 4.6-100mmea Details
010-700-046DigiSEP Column IC-2 4.6-150mmea Details
010-700-048DigiSEP Column IC-3 4.6-150mmea Details
010-700-050DigiSEP Column IC-4 4.6-100mmea Details
010-700-052DigiSEP Column IC-G 4.6-10mmea Details
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