Products for APHA Methods

Maximize productivity and reduce analysis costs using AccuSPEC prepared standards and reagents for APHA Methods. Prepared solutions are available for most common Inorganic Standard Methods.

Prepared as per guidelines from the "Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and WasteWater", 20th Edition. 
    -  Compliance with APHA, AWWA & WEF.
Links between reagents and specific methods.
   -  Easy retrieval of specific reagents.

• Manufactured and tested under an ISO Certified Quality Program.
    -  Consistency between product lots.

250-260-602EDTA Disodium Salt(for NH3-N)10L Details
250-260-603EDTA Disodium Salt(for NH3-N)20L Details
250-260-625Ferric Nitrate, Fe(NO3)3, 40.4% w/v500ml Details
250-260-626Ferric Nitrate, Fe(NO3)3, 40.4% w/vL Details
250-260-627Ferric Nitrate, Fe(NO3)3, 40.4% w/v4L Details
250-260-650Lead Acetate, (CH3COO)2Pb, 10%500ml Details
250-260-651Lead Acetate, (CH3COO)2Pb, 10%L Details
250-260-700Mercuric Nitrate, Hg(NO3)2, 0.0141N500ml Details
250-260-701Mercuric Nitrate, Hg(NO3)2, 0.0141NL Details
250-260-702Mercuric Nitrate, Hg(NO3)2, 0.0141N4L Details
250-260-725Mercuric Sulfate Special Reagent500ml Details
250-260-726Mercuric Sulfate Special ReagentL Details
250-260-750Potassium Oxalate, (COOK)2, 2% w/v500ml Details
250-260-751Potassium Oxalate, (COOK)2, 2% w/vL Details
250-260-775Potassium Permanganate, KMnO4, 0.01N500ml Details
250-260-776Potassium Permanganate, KMnO4, 0.01NL Details
250-260-777Potassium Permanganate, KMnO4, 0.01N4L Details
250-260-800Potassium Persulfate, K2S2O8, 5% w/v500ml Details
250-260-801Potassium Persulfate, K2S2O8, 5% w/vL Details
250-260-802Potassium Persulfate, K2S2O8, 5% w/v4L Details
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