AccuSPEC for Ion Selective Electrode Analysis


Ion Selective Electrodes provide a quick and convenient mehod of analysis for many ionic species. Save on standards and reagents manufactured under our ISO Quality Program.

Complete list of products for most Ion Selective Electrodes. 
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• Manufactured and tested under an ISO Certified Quality Program.
    -  Consistency between product lots.

250-220-551Nitrite as Nitrogen IC Standard 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-356Chlorate, IC Standard, CIO3, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-371Chloride IC Standard, 1000 ppm500ml Details
250-220-401Fluoride IC Standard, F-, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-416Formate, IC Standard, HCOO-, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-431Hydrochloric Acid Eluent concentrate500ml Details
250-220-446Lithium,IC Standard, Li+, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-160Ammonium Nitrate, NH4NO3, 0.1M500ml Details
250-220-176Barium,IC Standard, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-221Bromate,IC Standard, BrO3, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-236Bromide IC Standard, Br-, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-251Calcium IC Standard, Ca2+, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-315Carbonate/Bicarbonate 0.18/0.17M500ml Details
250-180-576Sodium Ionic Strength Adjustor500ml Details
250-180-600Sodium Nitrate, NaNO3, 5M500ml Details
250-220-101Acetate, IC Standard, CH3COO-, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-116Ammonia-Nitrogen IC Std, 1000 ppm500ml Details
250-220-131Ammonium IC Standard, NH4(+), 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-145Ammonium Acetate, CH3COONH4, 2M500ml Details
250-180-426Nitrate Interference Suppressor Solution500ml Details
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