AccuSPEC for Ion Selective Electrode Analysis


Ion Selective Electrodes provide a quick and convenient mehod of analysis for many ionic species. Save on standards and reagents manufactured under our ISO Quality Program.

Complete list of products for most Ion Selective Electrodes. 
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• Manufactured and tested under an ISO Certified Quality Program.
    -  Consistency between product lots.

250-180-328Electrode Storage Solution5L Details
250-180-353Electrode Storage Solution(buffered)5L Details
250-180-363pH Adjustor / ISA for Ammonia5L Details
250-180-552Sodium Chloride, NaCl, 5M5L Details
250-220-147Ammonium Acetate, 2M, 5Lea Details
250-220-162Ammonium Nitrate, 0.1M, 5000mlea Details
250-220-433HCl Acid Eluent concentrateea Details
250-180-152Ammonium Chloride, NH4Cl, 0.1ML Details
250-180-177Ammonium Sulfate, (NH4)2SO4, 0.02ML Details
250-180-201Calcium Chloride, CaCI2, 0.1ML Details
250-180-302Electrode Cleaning SolutionL Details
250-180-327Electrode Storage SolutionL Details
250-180-352Electrode Storage Solution(buffered)L Details
250-220-432Hydrochloric Acid Eluent concentrateL Details
250-220-475Methanesulfonic Acid, CH3SO3H, 20mML Details
250-220-490Methanesulfonic Acid 1ML Details
250-220-657Sodium Bicarbonate 0.5M EluentL Details
250-220-672Sodium Carbonate 0.5M EluentL Details
250-180-551Sodium Chloride, NaCl, 5ML Details
250-180-601Sodium Nitrate, NaNO3, 5ML Details
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