AccuSPEC Indicators

A full range of indicators are available for both Acid-Base, Oxidation-Reduction and Ionic Titrations. Products are available in a wide range of concentrations and volumes as well as custom formulations.

Available in sizes from 60 ml to 20 liters.
   -  Flexibility of volume and better economy with large volumes. 

• Certificate of Analysis with actual concentration, lot number, expiry date, and traceability to NIST, where applicable. 
    -  Complete documentation for audit purposes.

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250-120-511Methylene Blue, 1%125ml Details
250-120-5211,10-Phenanthroline, C12H8N2, 0.1%125ml Details
250-120-531Phenol Red, 0.02%125ml Details
250-120-541Phenol Red, 0.04%125ml Details
250-120-561Phenolphthalein (Ethanol 1+1), 0.5%125ml Details
250-120-571Phenolphthalein (Ethanol), 0.5%125ml Details
250-120-581Phenolphthalein (Isopropanol), 1%125ml Details
250-120-611n-Phenylanthranilic Acid125ml Details
250-120-641Starch Indicator 0.5%125ml Details
250-120-651Starch Indicator 1%125ml Details
250-120-661Starch Indicator 2%125ml Details
250-120-671Sulfo Orange, 0.04%125ml Details
250-120-681Thymol Blue (Aqueous), 0.04%125ml Details
250-120-691Thymol Blue (Methanol), 0.08%125ml Details
250-120-701Thymol Blue (Aqueous), 0.4%125ml Details
250-120-711Thymolphthalein, 0.05%125ml Details
250-120-721Xylenol Orange 0.1% in water125ml Details
250-120-731Xylenol Orange125ml Details
250-120-622Potassium Chromate, K2CrO4, 0.065% w/v4L Details
250-120-632Potassium Chromate, K2CrO4, 5% w/v4L Details
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