Inorganic Compounds

Compounds are available in either 10g or 500g quantities depending on the product.  Larger sizes are available on special request.  Should you have a specific need, please contact your local sales representative.


  • All products meet American Chemical Society (ACS) specifications where applicable.
    • Compliance with recognized norms.


  • Complete with a Certificate of Analysis.
    • Documentation available for audit purposes.


  • Packaged in wide mouth bottle.
    • Easy dispensing.
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250-150-775Zinc Sulfate Heptahydrate, 500gea Details
250-150-770Zinc Chloride, ZnCl2, ACS, 500gea Details
250-150-765Zinc Acetate Dihydrate, 500gea Details
250-150-760Xylenol Orange, Na Salt, ACS, 10gea Details
250-150-755Xylene Cyanol FF, 10gea Details
250-150-750Triton X-100500ml Details
250-150-745Trichloroacetic Acid, ACS, 500gea Details
250-150-740Thymolphthalein, ACS, 10gea Details
250-150-735Thymol Blue, Na Salt, ACS, 10gea Details
250-150-785Tartaric Acid, ACS, 500gea Details
250-150-730Sulfamic Acid, NH2SO3H, ACS, 500gea Details
250-150-725Strontium Chloride Hexahydrate, 500gea Details
250-150-720Starch, Soluble, ACS, 500gea Details
250-150-715Stannous Chloride Dihydrate, ACS, 500gea Details
250-150-710Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate, 500gea Details
250-150-705Sodium Thiosulfate hydrate, ACS, 500gea Details
250-150-700Sodium Sulfite Anhydrous, ACS, 500gea Details
250-150-690Sodium Phosphate Dibasic Anhydrous, 500gea Details
250-150-685Sodium Nitrate, NaNO3, ACS, 500gea Details
250-150-680Sodium Metaborate 98%, NaBO2, 500gea Details
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