Fast Steam Distillation Systems

Distillation Unit

Systems Ranging from Manual to Fully Automatic


• Fast steam distillation system
     - 3-5 minutes
• Automatic shutoff
• pH titration (optional)



• Kjeldahl, TKN & Ammonia
• Alcohol in wine & beer
• Phenol & Fluoride

• DigiPREP Distillation Flyer (PDF - 240 Kb)


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010-035-001DigiPREP 100 Distillation System (230v)ea Details
010-035-002DigiPREP 200 Distillation System (230v)ea Details
010-035-003DigiPREP 300 Distillation Sys(230v/60Hz)ea Details
010-035-004DigiPREP 400 Distillation System (230v)ea Details
010-035-005DigiPREP 500 Distillation System (230v)ea Details
010-035-050DigiPREP Titrator (230v)ea Details
010-035-100SET-MET Titrino 2.702.0010 (110v/60Hz)ea Details
010-035-102Exch Unit 806-20mlea Details
010-035-104Unitrode w/ F 1Mea Details
010-035-200Canister Set for DigiPREP 100/200ea Details
010-035-202Canister Set for DigiPREP 300ea Details
010-035-204Canister Set for DigiPREP 400/500ea Details
010-035-210Adapter for 26cm tubesea Details
010-035-212Adapter, 250ml to 100mlea Details
010-035-240Special Cable For 702SM Titrinoea Details
010-035-242Angle Connectionea Details
010-035-243Distribution Head, VK 7ea Details
010-035-244Glass Condensorea Details
010-520-330Distillation Tube, 750mlea Details
010-520-350Distillation Tube, 500mlea Details
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