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010-420-130Tubing Silicon, Seed pump replacementea Details
010-420-132Tubing Silicon, Dilution pump repl.ea Details
010-420-034Stirring paddle - Optical/Membrane Probeea Details
010-420-036Rack, PP, BOD Dual Probe Glass Bottleea Details
010-420-035Rack, BOD Dual Probe PP Disposable Btlea Details
010-420-037Rack, BOD Dual Probe PP 60ml Bottleea Details
010-420-023Pump Head only Seed Pumpea Details
010-420-021Pump Head only for Dilution Pumpea Details
010-420-094Printer for BOD-200ea Details
010-400-007Laptop Computer with OS, Frenchea Details
010-400-008Laptop Computer with OS, Englishea Details
010-420-020Cap 60ml/300ml BOD Glass bottle (pk/100)ea Details
010-420-012BOD-300 Single Capping/Decapping accessoea Details
010-420-033BOD-300 rack for 24 x 60ml bottleea Details
010-420-032BOD-300 rack for 24 x 165ml Glass Bottleea Details
010-420-028BOD-300 rack for 20 x 300ml Glass Bottleea Details
010-420-029BOD-300 rack for 20 x 300ml Disp Bottleea Details
010-420-009BOD-300 Dual Optical Probe Optionea Details
010-420-011BOD-300 Dual Membrane Probe Optionea Details
010-420-016BOD-300 Dual Capping/Decapping accessoryea Details
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